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Cabinet Installation Service

Cabinet installtion Desoto TX
Blind corner cabinet, island drawers and counter cabinets installed

Desoto Cabinet Refacing and Painting Company is one of the best contractors in Desoto, TX. We offer new cabinet installation, refinishing, cabinet coating, refacing and remodeling. We guarantee professional installation since all our staff is highly experienced. 

 We have all the designs you need, such as for kitchen and bathroom. It’s essential to install new cabinets that match with your other home appliances as well as modern design. 

It will help if you have an expert opinion to help you achieve your new design and expectations. For this reason, it’s essential to hire a trustworthy and recommended company. Our professionals provide free assessment before the actual installation. You will be advised on the best materials to use for the project. 

Moreover, we have several experts ready to offer you high-quality services that involve attaching the cabinets to the wall. Our professionals have extensive experience connecting the upper and lower cabinets. 

Cabinet installation requires advanced techniques so that all appliances and counters fit perfectly. Properly installed cabinets are essential in keeping your home in order and having a classic look at first glance.  

You can now store your utensils and other materials in the cabinets in a systematic manner using less space. We give you what you want, and we embrace the fact that everything in the home matters. Refacing pros include giving your kitchen and bath a new look. 

Features of using Cabinet installation 

• New Cabinet Installation 

Our professionals will listen to your ideas and meet all your preferences. We have all the necessary tools and materials for measuring and installing your cabinets. 

• Cabinet refacing 

Our professionals apply the finish on your cabinets and install new door and drawer pulls to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look. We guarantee quality work. 

• Cabinet Remodeling 

Our experts will help you remove the old cabinet boxes from your home and install to give your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom an entirely new look.  

• Cabinet refinishing 

We have advanced materials for the cabinet finishing, such as the water-borne acrylic product for your original cabinet doors and boxes. We also offer cleaning and coating services. 

Benefits of using this service 

• Affordability 

Our installation services are affordable and guarantee long term service.  We ensure the use of advanced cabinets with high-quality hinges to give you peace of mind. 

•            Unique Cabinet Design and Build 

Our professionals have different unique designs to share with you and help you chose the best. Moreover, they focus on client expectations. All your needs will be addressed, and you will have your cabined fixed within no time. Our customer care services are reliable. 

You need us?! 

Contact us today at (469) 382-1532 and benefit from our cabinet installation services. We have free quotes for you, and you will receive the best services from a leading company.